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Lion and Mouse - Illustration of a wound-up Image

Lion and Mouse – Illustration of a wound-up Image

My main concern is the dissemination of Sumi-e.

With my paintings I would like to show you the beauty and diversity of Sumi-e and I would like to awaken your interest in this fascinating art.

Every Sumi-e painting is unique and until today, according to an old Japanese tradition, the artist keeps his most successful paintings in his own possession.

Principally every motive can be reproduced, however, I ask you to consider that there can always be divergence in size, tone of colour or the way the brush was lead.

I can also paint pictures by a given pattern. The motives must, however, correspond aesthetically with Sumi-e.

Panda - Example of Framed Picture

Panda – Example of Framed Picture

Please take into consideration that Sumi-e paintings can have varying formats. The presentation on the website may give the impression that all pictures are approximately the same size.

Sumi-e pictures are painted, depending on motive and technique, on different types and qualities of paper.

Principally the paintings are mounted on cardboard, without passepartout and frame.

With a simple frame made of aluminium, wood or varnish Sumi-e paintings adapt to every modern décor.

Tiger - example of Shiki-shi

Tiger – example of Shiki-shi

An exception are Shiki-shi paintings. They are drawn directly on decorative cardboard.

Shiki-Shi pictures can be hung up “as they are”, or they can be framed.

Sumi-e motives can also be painted directly onto scrolls.

 Pictures on scrolls are painted by me on order. The price depends on size and motive.

The here shown paintings are only part of my repertoire. I can show you the entire collection in the premises where I teach.

Prices and shipping-costs

Additionally to the specified prices I only charge postage for a small parcel or package.

By payment on delivery you have an additional charge of approx. 4 €, which you can save if you pay in advance.

Please contact me by   E-Mail or by telephone and let me know the title of the drawing you wish to purchase.