The Wandering Monk

Santoka in a frosty night

Santoka in a frosty night

The traveling poet and Zen monk Taneda Santōka (1882 – 1940) is the most famous modern Haiku poet of Japan. He was the last in the line of the wandering priest poet of Japan.

The interest in his life and his poetry is still unbroken. Santokas poetry is of universal significance and transcend the adverse circumstances of his life.

Sumi-e champion Rita Böhm awarded with a lot of heart and humor in her book Santokas Haikus picturesque expression. Haiku poetry and Japanese ink painting complementary; they have the same goal, to say much with little.

Text and image combine in this book to snapshots of an unusual life.

Rita Böhm
Der Wandermönch
Sumi-e by Rita Böhm. Haiku of Taneda Santōka, translated and with an introduction by Robert F. Wittkamp
2015. 120 S. 29,80 EUR. Hardcover. 210 x 210 mm. ISBN 978-3-936366-49-5
Bier’sche Verlagsgesellschaft
Asiatische Wege, Band 5

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